Demolition Services

For 20 years, Clean and Clear services LLC has been offering fast and effective cleaning services, including window washing, gutter cleaning, moss control, roof cleaning, and more. But now we are ready to help you with total overhaul services: building demolition. We are proud to be the premiere demolition company within a 60-mile radius of Lilburn, GA, offering complete and precise demolition of commercial and residential structures.

We work to demolish structures promptly, safely, thoroughly, identifying and clearing all waste materials from your site. We demolish carefully and with dedicated planning to prepare for the unexpected.

Best of all, we offer reasonable pricing that is competitive and affordable for you. Whether you represent a large, nationwide corporation or are a local homeowner, we can suit our costs to your budget so that you get the demo services you need without going over your budget.

Let Clean and Services LLC be your first choice among local demolition contractors. We will offer fast and convenient services in a courteous and professional manner, and we hope you will help spread the word about our quality services once you experience them first-hand.


Our demolition work includes:

  1. Residential demolition services - Clear all or portions of a structure for your remodeling project; tear down freestanding sheds, carports, and garages; or clear an existing residence for your new construction project.
  2. Commercial demolition - Make room for growth, reconstruct an outdated business, or clear land for your new place of business with our thorough demolition services. We work quickly so you can get back to business.
  3. Debris cleanup - Don’t hire a demo company that will knock a structure over and leave the mess behind for you to deal with. We demolish and clear building materials so you can reuse your property for its intended purpose.

We only send high-quality equipment and trained and experienced workers to your site to ensure that this dangerous and precise work is done correctly, with no damage to structures you with to protect and no harm to individuals on-site. Let us show you what we can do for you!

Our Promise

Unlike other demolition contractors in Lilburn, GA, we put our clients ahead of every other priority. While some demolition work is speedy, careless, and bill-oriented—they work to get paid, not to get positive feedback—we are different. We believe that no job is done until the customer is satisfied. If you enlist our building demolition services for your project, please let us know what your expectations are. We will work to surpass them.

It is this customer-oriented work that puts us ahead of other roofing, cleaning, and demolition services in Lilburn, GA. Contact us today! Our staff is ready to learn about your project and budget for demolition. We are available to answer any questions you may have about our service areas, pricing, demolition permits, and more!



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